免责声明. 我是杰夫·布里奇斯的超级粉丝. He was cool with his dad in Sea Hunt (look it up) and he’ll still be cool in his nineties doing ‘大勒博斯基, 第五部分.’ Anything involving 杰夫·布里奇斯 is, by default, inherently awesome… just saying. }

我要给这个营销视频5个“OMG’s”,因为它太棒了. For those of you who may 不 recall, 杰夫·布里奇斯’ character, ‘那个家伙’, in 大勒博斯基 很喜欢他的 白色的俄罗斯s, so it makes sense that the marketing folks at Kahlua would cajole Jeff Bridges into promoting their coffee flavored combined stimulant/depressant liqueur. (“我现在烂醉如泥.. 但不知怎的,还是出奇地警觉……”)

为什么这个视频很棒? 让我通过一个网络营销视频清单来解释为什么. If you want your next web promo to be awesome it has to contain at least 6 of the following 10 elements:



1. Jeff的桥梁.

2. 一个精彩的故事. This video has a beginning, a middle, an end… and it even includes a teaser ending. 总结一下:这个视频有一个很棒的介绍, 一个任务, “发现”, 一些看起来邪恶的坏人, 一个情节转折, 酒吧里的一个女孩, some more sinister bad guys… It feels like a movie trailer and I’m keen to see the movie if they ever decide to tac a不her 90 minutes to this little promo. Most web videos are boring, or salesy, or dumb or, as is most often the case, poorly executed. 这个很有趣. 确定, this video is just branded entertainment but that’s becoming a pretty smart strategy for consumer-focused companies looking to maintain relevance. 问问Go-Pro或红牛的好朋友就知道了.

3. 一个目的. Kahlua could simply have done what most other lazy brands do – shoot some beautiful people consuming their product in an exotic locale and call it a day but they took a risk and tried a little bit harder. They would be very smart to continue building their brand around these quirky little vignettes: Bring in some new A-list (or B+ list) actors, 拐弯抹角地提到流行文化, 和娱乐.

4. “给我更多”因素. This is the single most difficult thing to do in entertainment or marketing: Eliciting a feeling in the viewer that makes them want to watch more… makes them want to find out what comes next. 如果你能实现这个目标,你就成功了. If you can attach your brand to this type of content – that’s a very good thing. 我想看完这部电影!

5. 高生产价值. 这个视频做得很好. 感觉像是科恩兄弟的小插曲. 电影技术是一流的,声音剪辑是可怕的, 它有很棒的节奏和氛围,真的是一流的.

6. 杰夫·布里奇斯. 

7. 伟大的音乐. 音乐对于营销视频的成功是非常非常重要的. 它设定了情绪,告诉你应该如何感受. 汽车里收音机里的音乐是 “画廊”Callado迭戈·弗达格(Diego Verdague)著. 电影结束时酒吧里的音轨是 褪色的蓝色s” track by Hird and the rest of the music was a custom score played and recorded live for the video. 这是所有伟大的.

8. 这个视频并没有试图吸引所有人. 当然,现在可能有三到四个人活着 杰夫·布里奇斯的狂热粉丝,也许还有更多的粉丝 喜欢的全能, Cohenesque, hyper-quirky, almost-clever, lazy-hipster, stylish-in-a-really-convoluted-way类型视频. 忽略它们. 你的品牌永远不会吸引所有人,所以要精简你的关注点. Narrow cast a little and find a grove that suits those people who will care about and champion your brand. )你喜欢什么, 一百万人都在说‘你来了’, that was alright… or a few hundred thousand saying ‘THAT WAS FRICK’EN AWESOME!!!”)

9. 一个复活节彩蛋. 有人看到视频里的“白俄”了吗. (穿着白色太空服的宇航员).  那些隐藏的小块让视频更令人难忘. 那么公文包里有什么? Considering that he was working on a coffee plantation, my guess would be a couple bottles of Kahlua.  或者是圣杯.

10. 借模因/参考流行文化/扮酷. 人们喜欢他们喜欢的,所以给他们更多. There’s more than enough pop-culture references in this video to go around: A 科马克•麦卡锡 情节,  塔伦蒂诺 编辑风格,当然, 那个家伙 谋杀绿脚趾的人. 有什么不喜欢的.

This is a great little promo video that serves to animate the Kahlua brand and that subtlety but surely implants the idea of Kahlua in the back of your brain. 这就是广告的运作方式.






  1. 你喜欢什么?, 一百万人都在说‘你来了’, that was alright’ … or a few hundred thousand saying ‘THAT WAS JEFF BRIDGES!!!’

  2. 是的, I think so that these are the things those are really need to add for any 营销视频 to be awesome. Specially number 3 and 4 are the necessary things for making an 很棒的营销视频 and left of them are also important as well. So very handy article and I think every video marketing producer should follow this for getting success. 伟大的:)

  3. 我发现这个博客非常有用,让人印象深刻 . This helps a lot to know about the basics of marketing and make best use of it by implementing what have told in this blog. 非常值得赞赏的营销视频.

  4. Though most of us are 不 given the chance everyday to work with celebs like Bridges, the value of your blog for me lies in how your fun and informative style uncovers story-telling techniques that really work- that’s something we can all learn from. 谢谢,请继续发帖.

  5. 我很喜欢你强调讲故事的重要性! 我认为是在大局上, 制作一段视频很容易, 但要讲出一个令人信服的故事并不容易. And if I could get 杰夫·布里奇斯 in his Tron outfit (maybe marketing laser digitizing systems?),我会永远是我孩子们的超级英雄. 🙂

  6. 你好,

    不错的文章. 我同意你的观点,一个视频应该有一个目的和一个伟大的故事. 这篇文章在视频中强调了故事的重要性. 一个好的故事有助于保持与观众的联系. A story should be able to evoke an emotional response from target audiences.

    情节描述构成故事的事件. 情节是一个故事从开始到结束的路线图. 正如本文中所讨论的那样, 音乐是视频营销成功的重要因素. 音乐影响观众的情绪.

  7. 现在是2016年9月. 这家伙还像以前一样摇滚. Jimm福克斯 is still producing informative and fun video articles for marketers and I think I’ll curate this one for my dig-emag for Monday, 9/5/16. 因为,因为我可以. 愿它带给你更多的见解,更多的问题和想法. 谢谢你的文章.

  8. I reckon video should have an agenda and than everything should be structured accordingly, 它应该有图形, 动画, 美妙的音乐,当然还有可爱的旁白. 干杯


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