I am like a wave in the sea which constantly goes up and down but still manages to give out a picture of serenity. Very inquisitive about the enigma called LIFE and struggling to carve a niche for myself. I yearn to be a banyan tree and cease being a creeper. I live by the moments that take my breath away and create them whenever possible.

A child - woman, an author, a blogger, a dreamer, a dancer, a lover, a bibliophile, a friend, a confidante, a non-stop chatter box, a die-hard romantic,a poetess, a writer, a painter, a singer... are some of the words I can associate with myself though I know I am much more than all this for above all of them I am a soul.

"Privy trifles” means private or secret things in life which are of little importance.The topics written here also seem to be trifle in our lives but when looked closely they leave a very big mark on us because all the best things of live are available for free – love, laughter, happiness, friends, loved ones etc . It’s about these free things in life that I have attempted to write about. Some might make you laugh, some might make you cry, some might tug your heart and take you on a trip down the memory lane – but they all will definitely touch you in some way and set you thinking.

Hope as you go through my writing, you are left with a warm gushy feeling like a cup of coffee leaves you with after a long tiring day.

Thanks for stopping by....Live....Love.....Laugh....always !